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Social Security Retirement Sites (0/0)
Sites dealing with Social Security Retirement Issues

Veteran's Claims (0/1)
A short list of sites of benefits to disabled veterans

International Sites (0/1)

Private Individuals' Disability Sites (0/1)
They often miss the mark, but at their best they tell truths that are unprofitable to the drug company-health-care-industry-government complex.

Preparing for your Social Security Hearing (0/2)
What to do to get ready for your hearing

Non-Attorney Representative Sites (0/2)
These are sites that non-attorney SSA disability benefit representatives have put up to tell about their advocacy firms.

Finding Social Security Numbers (0/3)
If you need to file on someone else's record, you need their number.

Getting Back to Work (0/4)
How to get back to work if you have a disability. There are some excellent programs by which you can get into the workforce again with varying levels of risk. How to educate yourself out of a disability - often that's the best way out.

Obtaining Health Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance (0/4)
This is a problem for the disabled, and for all of us.

Government Websites (0/5)
The US government has some excellent sites that will help you use and understand the Social Security Disability system. But you must read what you find here along with the information in the private sites to get the full picture, since the government sites tell you only the Administration's official position. This is fine for noncontroversial issues, but you can hardly expect them to tell you how to beat them in a disability claim.

Reforming the Social Security System (0/5)

Medicare and Medicaid (0/5)
Selected sites dealing with Medicare and Medicaid issues.

Social Security Blogs (0/5)
I can't tell you what will be on these websites because they change every day. But I can tell you that it will be written by some sharp people who know a lot about Social Security. If you want to get close to the truth, after you have studied what the Administration says and what the mainstream media says, come here and read and think carefully.

Reforming the US Health Care Delivery System (0/6)
Anyone who is disabled and uninsured is at daily risk of incurring a $200,000 medical bill tomorrow. And if you think you have insurance, think again. What if you get fired tomorrow, and develop a health problem that makes you uninsurable and unhireable, like diabetes? Even if you are able to afford COBRA, it will run out in a few months, and you can wake up in the hospital with them owning your bank accounts, house, cars, everything.

Directories of Sites Dealing With Social Security Disability (0/10)
Other directories, besides this one, that deal in whole or in part with Social Security Disability.

Other Sites for the Disabled (0/12)
While looking for Social Security Disabiltiy sites, we come across some general disability sites that we cannot resist listing.

How to Apply for Social Security Disability (0/13)

Attorney Sites (0/14)
These are sites that attorneys have put up to tell about their law firms. We are just getting started on this; feel free to suggest your site.

Disability Websites for People With Specific Disabilities (0/16)
These are sites that discuss a specific disabilities. They often, but do not always, discuss Social Security claims. For example, there will be a site that deals with most life issues that someone with MS will eventually face.

Sites Helpful to Social Security Attorneys and Practicioners (1/18)
The sites in this category are designed to be helpful to attorneys and practicioners, and much of the material will be too technical to be helpful to folks seeking guidance in their own claims. But there will also be helpful information for anyone in some of these sites. If a site is equally useful to both claimant and attorney, I list it here and in the Frequently Asked Questions category.
Business Opportunity

Books and Articles about Social Security Disability (0/20)

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Social Security Disability (0/32)

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