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These sites offer business opportunities to small law firms, experienced SSA disability benefit advocates, former SSA disability examiners and paralegals seeking to expand their disability benefit paractice.

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  • Eric Schnaufer's Social Security Law Page pick - Eric is one of the most brilliant Social Security lawyers practicing today. He imagined, crafted, and won the Gisbrecht Supreme Court appeal. His site is intended to enable the serious student of Social Security law to find the most recent cases and make the most effective arguments in District Cout. Don't worry if you find navigation of the website a little confusing, just click every link and read every page. Want to be a good Social Security appellate lawyer? Memorise all the law on this site and study every one of Eric's briefs. Learn to think like he thinks and write like he writes in those briefs. A lawyer will never go far wrong by assuming that every suggestion and argument Eric makes is correct.

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